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Where to go in Costa Rica Places to Visit in your Holidays.

The first places to check, Costa Rica vacation is determined by what you do on holiday. You can plant them in one place for any length, but most tourists bouncing around the country to enjoy the abundant experiences and diverse country has to offer.

Central Valley

This is where most of the Costa Rica trips begin. The Central Valley is home to the capital of Costa Rica, San José, in addition to the international airport.

San Jose will probably be your “jump” point for the rest of your trip in Costa Rica. However, consider spending a day or two to see what San Jose has to offer. As for Costa Rica vacation spots go, there are a large number of museums and parks to check to relax in. And this is just the beginning.

Of particular interest is the Central Market or Central Market, which is a great place to experience the local culture, pick up some souvenirs, store or some local gourmet coffee. There are many small shops selling fresh produce, meats and fish more. And do not forget to stop and eat something inside dining areas.

If Aboriginal culture is your thing, we also explore the many museums and galleries in and out of the city. Shopping is abundant and night bars and discos to jump!

Just outside of San Jose, Heredia, is the Cafe Britt Coffee Tour. For those who have an affinity for coffee that is, watch this. You can visit a working coffee plantation real. The coffee is not expensive here – I bought 20 bags at home with me – but it is much cheaper in the central market if we did this.

North Zone

There are many things to try and do in the north. If you are from San Jose, it is likely your first holiday destination as one of the most memorable and surprising – the Arenal Volcano. It has been erupting since 1968. The views are beautiful, and if the sky is not so bad, you will see the red lava flowing down the walls.

At the foot of Arenal La Fortuna neighbor several hot springs where you can relax and enjoy the warmth of luxury. In collaboration with the Arenal, these hot springs are on the “must do” list. Tabacn is a well-known choice, but not the only option. In addition, Eco Thermal bald. We spent a late night, dark romantic to get the most excellent neck and shoulders hanging in sweltering heat beating cascade. Just great.

In summarizing the adventures of the north is the waterfall of La Fortuna. The waterfall drops 200 feet to the right in a swimming hole bright blue-green. ‘

North Pacific Coast

Along the North Pacific and North of the area is the small corner of Monteverde. Will you stop here to enjoy the extraordinary biological Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Going to the coast, the region of Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula in the North Pacific coast is one of the most densely populated areas of Costa Rica. However, tourists flock to these destinations to explore the many beautiful beaches that invite and pepper the coast. If you ever going to learn to surf, consider taking a few educational sessions with local residents to make your dream a reality.

Divers can enjoy the many dive sites and easy access. Marine life is as vibrant as life in the cloud forests.

If you are starting your trip in this neighborhood generally consider air transport at the airport Daniel Oduber in Liberia. The vast majority of the northern Pacific coast is less than an hour by car or bus.

Central Pacific Coast

Puntarenas region in the central Pacific beach and coastal towns welcome exotic blend of nature’s most famous marmalade Costa Rica.

A few hours from San Jose, Jaco city is not very big, but is known for its sandy black. Get a surfing lesson or rent a surfboard or bodyboard. (Never bothered with the situation, so that a surfboard was more my speed.) You can find a number of restaurants available for your dining pleasure, and clubs and bars stay open late. Some consider this city a “beach party”.

An hour south is the popular Manuel Antonio National Park. This is the most popular park in the country. Go early, as many visitors can be rented at the same time – when capacity is reached, you should expect people to leave before entering.

Manuel Antonio has some of the best trails, beaches excellent for swimming, plus some of the most diverse in the country. This allows one of those “must-do” vacation spots.

And here’s a suggestion: a guide to improving your shipment. Our guide was pointing lizards, sloths and monkeys were essentially right under our noses. This is quite an amazing park.

South Pacific Coast

National Geographic called this area “the most biologically intense place on earth”. Costa Rica South Pacific Coast has the highest percentage of land devoted to national parks. Access has improved significantly following the completion of a road project recently. For anyone interested in wildlife, a visit to Corcovado National Park. Here you can see most of the types of monkeys, birds and rare wildlife, and even the big cats such as the jaguar and puma call home. (If you’re lucky, you’ll find the fingerprints.) Vegetation is more diverse than anywhere else in the country.

The Osa Peninsula is the place to find awesome fishing snorkeling and diving. Base your stay in Drake Bay and make your way to the Caño Island Biological Reserve for snorkeling and diving top Costa Rica can offer.

Caribbean Coast

The east coast has come to be where Columbus landed and was named the region “Costa Rica” or Costa Rica.

Contrasting the Pacific coast, the Caribbean coast is much less developed and less crowded. This is really one of the most exclusive resorts. It has a very different compared to other parts of the country – thought and culture reggae “rasta” and will not be too far.

Puerto Limon is the capital of the region of Limón. It is the principal city of the Caribbean coast and a port of call for many cruise lines. Tortuguero National Park, on the north coast is known for its occupants: sea turtles. A number of species (some decrease in the number) using the nesting beaches.

Another important attraction for the region (excluding miles of private beaches) is the Cahuita National Park in the town of Cahuita. With the largest reef in Costa Rica, this park is famous for its diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Quepos Fishing

Most people travel to Quepos, because it is a beautiful part of the world that offers a range of facilities to enjoy the holidays. However many people are unaware of the great fishing in Quepos, Fishing here is available and ranks as one of the best places in the world. Although some of the waters around Costa Rica can be better at certain times of year, fishing  in Quepos is generally good throughout the year. Here are some things you can expect from a fishing trip to Quepos and have a plan to ensure you have the best time possible.

Quepos Fishing ..? When to go

Among the most important things to keep in mind is the time of year to visit this area of the country.. to continue your fishing trip.
Fishing around tend to be very good between the months of May and September, with some fish species is better at the end of the year, Black Marlin and yellowfin tuna. Other fish can be caught all year round, fantastic fish: snapper and roosterfish. Of course, there are times in the year when fishing is much better if you want to make sure that you contact the card in advance to see what you can expect during your visit.
Among one of the most popular fish is tuna fish, and many people will search the Quepos evn simply because it can be more than 200 pounds in some cases. Among other Marlin is exceptional in the area that is in the first end of the fall, but you can also enjoy fishing for marlin in the spring also can. Black Marlin can be found at almost any time of year, but the letter will have to go far to find them.
If you really want to enjoy your holidays in Quepos fishing, make sure you choose a charter service that provides not only boats, but absolutely everything you need to enjoy the area. There are several packages that are available that you may want to consider this may vary from those concerned about the budget for those who want a customized package of sport fishing is sure to provide Quepos fishing vacation of a lifetime.
Quepos Fishing Discover more about Quepos fishing trips, sailing and fishing tarpon fly in Costa Rica.



Vacationing in Costa Rica is a thrilling experience. No doubt about it. With always lots to do. So, it is worth it! Take a ride into the wonderful landscapes and sights of this small central american country.

Vacationing in Costa Rica

Surfing in Jaco Beach

A country where all visitors are welcome by local people with a big smile on their faces. Find a lot to do here in this country with just the size as West Virginia in the United States.

Whether you have your tours included or not, the first thing you should do is to find a good map and hire your tours at a travel agency or hotel where you will be well addressed into all these activities that you cannot miss by any means.

Should you buy your tours or have them included do not miss to pay a visit to the world famous Arenal Volcano or the magnificent Manuel Antonio both national parks where you will have both primary and secondary forests at hand.

While vacationing in Costa Rica, try to set time aside to visit the Central Market in he city centre and of course plunge into the beauties of the National Theatre all in one day and just in between enjoy a marvelous lunch inside the central market. You will never regret it….

Now, do not forget to visit the rugged cliffs right there in the wonderfuness and oneness of the Braulio Carrillo rainforest on the way to the atlantic coast right before you reach the warm and lovely province of Limon just 168 kilometres away from downtown San Jose.

So much to enjoy in this small and friendly country where artificial ingredients are never included. So, make your mind up and head for the sun and for all these tinges of different colours and sizes.

Enjoy your holidays and fly right into Costa Rica and be part of these unforgettable memories…

Natura Guide Costa Rica

Natura Guide Costa Rica

Costa Rica Natura Guide

This time I will write about the fact of being a natura guide in a country just about the same size as West Virginia in the States, Costa Rica.

With 25 per cent of its territory as National Parks and Wildlife Reserves among them primary and secondary forests as well as volcanoes, reserves of different sizes and wildlife.

In such a small country with about 260 species of birds more than Mexico, Canada and the United States all together.

Yes, it is true! With only 51.000 sq kms. Costa Rica has never yielded any gold or silver but we find our richness in our natural resources as to be called the ”rich coast” of the American Continent.

Costa Rica Tourist Local Guides


Where in the world can you see white-faced capuchin monkeys playing on the sand in a primary forest just a few metres from you? Well, without a hint of bragging but let me tell you that you will only see that here in Costa Rica in the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park just three hours away from downtown on the southern side of the country just one hour from the nearest beach Jaco beach.

In my years as a nature guide, I can respectfully tell you that you can not miss Costa Rica, like I said in my prior artcle, the country without any artificial ingredients and that will be something that you will see with a naked eye. So, why wait?

Who can overlook the world famous Arenal volcano among the seven most active volcanoes in the world and active since july 1968 when the volcano was ”officiallly” called a volcano after years and years when local dwellers thought it was just ”part of the mountain” incredible but true!

Let me just suggest to you our Braulio Carrillo national park with 49.000 hectare of primary forest and lush vegetation. One of the world’s largest rain forest in the whole world. Our famous rain forest on the atlantic coast.

Do not wait any longer and fly to Costa Rica with so much to offer you. Costa Rica a friendly country with enviromental-minded people who will always have a smile on their faces to welcome you into the country.

Come to Costa Rica! You will never regret it! It is worth it…..

Central Valley

Central Valley

The Central Valley of Costa Rica

Centrall Valley Costa Rica

Centrall Valley Costa Rica

Central Valley Is the main entrance to the country and offers the possibility to enjoy a variety of cultural and natural attractions, among which the best museums: the Gold, Jade, National, Costa Rican Art, La Salle Natural Science, Insect University of Costa Rica, Contemporary Art and Design and Children, among others, so it stands the architectural jewel of Costa Rica: the National Theatre, all in the capital.

They are some national parks  located in the Central Valley. Protected  area’s and  main volcanoes: such as Poás, Braulio Carrillo, Irazu and Turrialba, all have road infrastructure so that visitors can enjoy their birds, landscapes, craters and forests.

The capital, San José, most government services, however the remaining capital cities of the provinces: Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago have a number of commercial and tourism services of good quality.

Central Valley Theater in San Jose

Central Valley Theater in San Jose

The Central Valley as a tourist area has two areas of outstanding beauty, which alone constitute true tourist destinations: Turrialba and Valle de los Santos. Rural people are of great beauty and offer, meanwhile, a small look at the Costa Rica of yesteryear, with its adobe houses, the presence of large coffee plantations, sugar mills and dairies.









Read more about Vacationing in Costa Rica and the Adventure Tours in the erea..

Tapanti National Park

Tapanti National Park

Tapanti National Park – Costa Rica Protected Area 

the Tapanti National Park is located approximately 35 kilometers from San Jose. It’s a nice destination for a trip from the capital San Jose.

There are several walks in the cloud forest and rainforest. Here many visitors are Costa Rican.
A journey down  Macho River. You can swim in the clear water, but water is very cold.

Some guidebooks say it is a nice place for fishing, but fishing is prohibited in all national parks in Costa Rica.

Tapanti National Park Costa Rica


Much of Tapantí National Park is not accessible, is where most of the animals live. There ocelots, jaguars, raccoons, armadillos, agoutis, monkeys, hummingbirds, hawks, falcons, quetzals and tapirs. Tapantí is the Indian word for tapir.

Tapanti National Park

Tapanti Forest

Often you can see birds of rare species near the ranger station at the entrance of the park. The vegetation is composed of many oaks, alders, cedrinos, mahogany trees, bromeliads, orchids and ferns.
Go mountain bike to see birds …

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) operates a dam on Tapantí. In 1972 he concludes Tapantí Hydroelectric Project is the first plant expansion of Macho River.

No places to stay overnight, camping or cooking in the park. Access to the park from San Jose is easy, it is also possible to travel here from Orosi horseback or mountain bike. Part of the access

Tapanti National Park Waterfall

Tapanti Waterfall

road is unpaved. A wheel drive vehicle is not required. The road is passable throughout the year.

National Park Facts Tapantí, Costa Rica

Tapanti National Park is located in one of the rainiest areas of Costa Rica.
Tapantí means tapir in the indigenous language.

We recommend you bring an umbrella, because it is one of the rainiest areas of the country.

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