San Jose Costa Rica Capital

There is a great variety of activities that you can do while at leisure in San Jose such as visiting a museum, go to the central market and eat some delicious typical food there such as the ”casado” a dish made of rice, beans, fried plantains, salad, beef garnished with picadilly usually of potatoes. This is a dish that you cannot miss out.

A visit to a volcano such as the Poas or the Irazu is also worth it. Get there in about one hour and a half. Just 58 kilometres from downtown San Jose as you will enjoy views of lush vegetation and country areas out in the country. Meet local friendly people who do not live their lives in such a rush as we do in San Jose.

While staying in San Jose, you can also visit the beautiful and luxurious area of Rohrmoser just five minutes from downtown by taxi. This latter being and old coffee plantation in the 1900’s and owned by German inmmigrants who settle down in Costa Rica in those years.

A visit to the Lankester gardens only 28 kilometres from downtown and on the way to the province of Cartago, our former Capital city since 1823 is a must for nature lovers who will enjoy a permanent exhibit of 1500 different species of orchids from all over the world as well as native ones. So, you better go or get square….

Another option might be taking a city tour around the city centre and just relax and listen to your professional guide as he explains to you all the rich history of this small country since its beginning back in the 1800’s….

Her you can only find a few of the great variety of activities to choose from. So, plung into a sea of fun and relaxing times