Jaco Costa Rica White Water Rafting Tours

Discover unparalleled beauty, lush, powerful white water and Savegre Naranjo. Both rivers are safe for beginners, but difficult enough for lovers of this sport with experience.

The Naranjo and Savegre rivers are born in the coastal mountain range near Quepos. You will be amazed by the stunning canyons, waterfalls and rainforest while enjoying class 2, 3, 4 or 5 rapids.

You do not have permission to speak, but Costa Rica is in charge of world-class rafting! Many mountain ranges interconnect, extending from coast to coast in much of the country.

Tropical rainfall and cloud forests at high altitude have constant precipitation and keeps river levels pleated around peaks that make up the center of the country, which a multitude of rivers that rush up to sea level close to the slope coast of the greater part of the year.

The rapids of class II and III in this section of the river Savegre a little more than those of the giraffe of Naranjo River, who offer this adventure of rafting blanc parfait for beginners who want a pleasure of pompage of adrénaline, more also Sections Of water calmes and vierges.

In the mountains of Talamanca, this coastal river trunk is considered to be the most beautiful in Costa Rica. Environment of water channels and canyons in the middle of the primeval forests of this region, the natural landscape and the fauna.

After jogging, your guide will show you the local flora and fauna and will show you a spectacular waterfall where you can swim, relax and cool off with snacks (a delicious homemade breakfast is served on this tour) before concluding your adventure.

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