Jaco Costa Rica Waterfall Tours

Jaco Beach to a majestic setting of pure Costa Rican natural harmony

Costa Rica is known for its abundance of beautiful waterfalls, and the Jaco Beach area is not an exception. Country Waterfall Begins a single 15-minute City Tour!

Explore lush tropical rain-forests Costa Rica During an excursion in some of the best of the country has to offer acrobatics. Our Professional Guides educated their naturalists on the exotic flora and fauna that were known to swarm around.

So do not just have a great adventure game in the waterfalls and swim more refreshing pools of the river, but you’ll have to learn local SOME preparations for the fauna and flora as well.


adventure waterfalls tours

In SOME Routes, Adventurous Travelers will be Equipped with Ultimate Teams, Industry Leader, Black Diamond Team Up To Date And Will Be Raised Cable Down Through The Jungle Canopy And The Rappelling Is A Face-Off A Series Of Hidden Waterfalls.

The Cataract Explorer
A 2000 4 x 4 vertical ride in the mountain that takes your starting point has above Jaco beach. Feel the rhythm of the exciting jungle in which it crosses More than 10 Interconnection Beautiful waterfalls swindlers cold pools flow another Towards that.

Stay on the trails or walk and climb across the river and pools. SOME of these Waterdeep pools allow people with an adventurous spirit of Cliff Leap (20 cakes!).

This is a relaxing waterfall that Pura Vida (Pura Vida la) is a Tract. It will be deeply rooted in the beauty of the virgin forests of Costa Rica … immersed in the Water of the flow that gives life.

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