Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica Beaches

Best Costa Rica Beaches to Visit

Cabo Blanco National Park

Costa Rica Beaches

There is no limit that separates Costa Rica from the sea in this small piece of land 762 miles of shoreline are divided between the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Beaches of the Costa Rica sun and will have the advantage of being part of a complex natural system recognized by the Ecological Blue Flag Programme, which was awarded to 56 beaches throughout the territory.

This program is implemented through the commitment of Costa Rica to sustainability and environmental protection.

What guarantees are popular tourist beaches have safe and clean enough for a good holiday.

Costa Rica Beaches are surrounded by forests with high natural diversity.

Many of them are beautiful coral reefs where you can dive and explore.
Furthermore, as the place to visit, enjoy a range of activities including: tours of the mangroves, diving, surfing, fishing trails, hiking or horseback riding.

With access to different beaches, you can enjoy the best offered by the sun on both coasts.

The beaches of hot water all year round, allowing you to enjoy coming to this country when you want. it’s  diversity is, each side offers different shades and textures of sand, white, yellow, gray, black sand, the result of the constant collision of shells with coral reefs.

Vacations Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica Beaches Jaco

Costa Rica Beaches Jaco

The variety of beaches in Costa Rica will allow you to plan your vacation to suit your interests and your budget.

All will provide ideal conditions for the hassle of the city.

You have several options for staying near the coast to enjoy in family, couples or friends. As desired, you can choose between the big hotels that offer comfortable facilities, warm or stay in hotels boutiques. On the other hand, you can savor the taste of the cuisine of Costa Rica as varied and specific to each region.

From coast to another, you will find large differences in ingredients and food preparation.

A common element of all, is its excellent flavor, something that will whet your appetite and curiosity to sample the delights you’ll find in this country.

Costa Rica Beaches  Guanacaste north and South

The Costa Rica beaches in the Guanacaste area, offering numerous options for adventure and relaxation.

It is a destination that meets the different needs of tourists who visit.

For those who enjoy sunbathing on the coast, they have a bright sunshine for most of the year.

The environments are varied and enjoy each of them find suitable accommodation options.

You can choose  from more than one , you will find beaches near the Santa Elena Peninsula where there are smaller boutique hotels, resorts and on beaches in the Gulf of Papagayo.

Also, you can do and to combine different activities like swimming, diving, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, beach volleyball and golf. Or simply enjoy the sun while walking on the beach.

You also have the opportunity to learn cuisine of Guanacaste, which has a strong influence over the Indians.

Local products are based primarily on corn, among which are biscuits, tortillas, rice and corn pozole, or if you are more attracted to sweet foods, you should try the popular tapes.

A big advantage is that you can quickly get to the beaches of the region, with direct flights from U.S. to Liberia International Airport Daniel Oduber, or by land from San Jose and the Mid- Pacific.

Costa Rica Beaches Gunacaste

Costa Rica Beaches Gunacaste

Pacific  Islands  Costa Rica Beaches Central Gulf Puntanreas

Find fun for everyone. You can start with a visit to the islands of this coast, which presents the beautiful beaches of visitors to sunbathe, swim, take a boat or live with the nature of the surrounding rainforest.

In the central area find attractive places like Puntarenas, which is remarkable for the landing of cruise that takes place in spring and the famous meals on offer, many of which are known and seafood dishes, including excellent “ceviche” and the whole fish.

Other local specialties are the “Churchill”, made of different flavored milk and ice cream, “mate” or fruit salads. For the Mid-Pacific area, you will find lush landscapes which combine the sun, beach and forest, mainly where there is protection and Manuel Antonio National Park Marino Ballena.

In addition, for surfers on the beaches of Jaco and Hermosa are ideal conditions for this sport.

The night, these stations are full of fun and enjoyment for you to spend a great time. All beaches in the area may be located in different hotels that offer comfortable accommodation. You will also have access, thanks to rapid international airport Juan Santamaria, from which you can then do a road run about 3 hours to reach the desired point.


Costa Rica Beaches South Pacific.


This region of Costa Rica, has the ability to combine the attractions of the beach with wild vegetation and reefs of Caño Island, where you can also practice diving and snorkeling.

All the exuberance and beauty that nature gives off the coast, you will spend your holidays more relaxing and peaceful. This added value will find it, so pure, on the beaches of Golfo Dulce and the Osa Peninsula, because they are protected Biological Reserve and Corcovado National Park.  Access to this area can make the track Golfito or Puerto Jimenez, which will facilitate their arrival, domestic flights are made.

Thanks to it  environment you will arrive more quickly at one of the most naturally diverse country, surrounded by magnificent landscapes that make up the forests on the flanks of the beaches. This area also has road access and accommodation, characterized by a rural infrastructure that will make you feel more in touch with nature.

You will have the opportunity to experience adventure activities that can be achieved: the observation of flora and fauna will lead you to admire the unique vegetation and animals or the beautiful scarlet macaw. You can also go fishing and surfing, which fans will enjoy the leftist surge of Pavones, one of the longest in the world.

Windwards Islands Costa Rica Beaches.

Fine Costa Rica beaches will receive in this region, which can be reached by land.

By visiting the southern Caribbean with his family, partner or friends, you can admire the contrasting tones of black sand beaches and white exist in Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. Join this attractive colors, the lush vegetation that fits into the sea, in places where the beaches and forests are adjacent to each other.

You will appreciate the direct contact with the local culture. A strong influence of Afro-Caribbeans will make you a different experience.

Know the specific architecture of the region, the joy of his people, the popular mode of braids, the unique flavor of foods native to the area as “rice and beans,” “pati” “plantinta” chicken with walnuts coconut and “ron don” autoctonicidad and exotic customs that originate due to ethnic diversity combining instead. All this, we can supplement it with adventure activities like surfing, fishing or diving, you also know that coral reefs are home to an incredible variety of fish.


Costa Rica Beaches Leewared Islands


The trip to the northern Caribbean may be made by means of sea or air. From June to October, you can live the unforgettable experience of watching while the green turtles nest on the beaches of Tortuguero National Park. In addition to enjoy fishing for tarpon and snook at Barra del Colorado.

Islands Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica offer islands to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the sea is most surprising is Cocos Island, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, located 330 miles off Costa Rica and the soil can be reached by boat in about 36 hours, after consultation with specialist companies to take this trip, to enjoy the natural beauty, diving or walking in the island.

In this document, you will see amazing specimens of marine life including whale sharks, white tip sharks, tuna, parrot fish, corals, molluscs and hammerhead sharks in quantities that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Another popular island is the Turtle Island, because in addition to the beach you can enjoy various water sports.

There is also Caño Island, ideal for snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and also to know their pre-Columbian heritage.

You can not ignore the islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, which include various activities such as diving, fishing, with few benefits of travel and the natural wealth of zona.A all these islands, you can arrive by boat in a quiet road or boat.

These visits are made by specialized companies that offer everything you need to make your stay a pleasant place, as it does not exist in the hotel infrastructure.

In general, stay on the island is during the day and enjoy the activities organized for your entertainment, and rides around the island or beach games. Take advantage of all the necessary nutrients at different times of day, so enjoy while watching the vast sea that surrounds it.

Costa Rica Surf Travel & Surf

Costa Rica Surf Travel & Surf

Travel & Surf Costa Rica Surf Spot 

Jaco Beach Offers a real Costa Rica Vacations, Surf Experience.

A complete guide to the best surf destinations in Costa Rica.

Tips for traveling and surfing and more.


Costa Rica Surf Best Surf Beach

Costa Rica Surf Best Surf Beaches

Costa Rica is a small country with large areas of coastline on the Pacific and the Caribbean, with only 243 miles through reference in Jaco Beach Central Pacific and Puerto Limon on the Caribbean coast separately.

This stretch of coastline offer a variety of beaches and waves of all kinds, for all levels of surfers.

Photos Provided By Surfer Factory

This surf guide divide the country into four regions.

North Pacific Ocean and ranges from rock to Witch Malpais. Central Pacific, which runs from Puntarenas to Manuel Antonio.


South Pacific, Dominical to Pavones, and the Caribbean.

The waves, which in turn are a function of their level of difficulty for beginner surfers, intermediate and advanced.

Note that the conditions vary by varying the difficulty of the same.


Costa Rica Surf Safety Tips and off the water:

Costa Rica Surf Travel & Surf

Costa Rica Surf Travel & Surf

• If you leave anything valuable Go Surfing in the car.

• On the streets of Costa Rica with caution and must be processed at low speed.

One factor is the lack of signs, holes and damaged roads and the large number of wild animals crossing the road every minute, especially at night, such as monkeys, coatis, crabs, raccoons, anteaters, opossums, deer and cougars, among many others.

• As much as you have a rented four-wheel drive car does not pass through the sand yet it parquees.

Prevents contamination and damage to the environment, as well as the risk of stagnating.

• In Costa Rica there are countless surf shops, everything you need for your practice, supports the local economy to offer.

• If you enter or leave the water, shuffling steps, so as not stung by stingrays.

• Wait your turn for the wave in Costa Rica for all tastes.

• Respect the locals and the rest of the surfers.

• Do you surf alone, except when you do not know, on the beach.


Costa Rica Surf  North Pacific

Best travel time. In the summer, from December to April, Papagayo winds from the coast in the Caribbean, across the country and triggers strong winds offshore in the Gulf of Papagayo, weather phenomenon, which is 300 days a year of favorable winds make for the formation of perfect waves in the region of Guanacaste.


Transportation. The best option for traveling in this part of the country and all over Costa Rica in general, is it possible to rent a car all-wheel drive.

Public transportation for the San Jose Alfaro Bus Stop  22-22-26-66.

In the bus station there are buses in Liberia to Tamarindo. Of the Central Pacific, if they have cars, it is best to use a private shuttle company that routes directly from Jaco to have rent in Tamarindo.


Potrero Grande. Beginner Costa Rica Surf

Also known as Ollie’s Point is famous for the film Endless Summer sixties. This wave is a smooth and perfectly level sand bottom right, is not hollow, but is fast. He surfs better low tide with a South swell.

The only way to get there is by boat, you can book in Tamarindo or take you directly to Coco Beach.


Roca Bruja. Advanced Costa Rica Surf

This beach is a symbol of surfing in Costa Rica thanks to the perfection of its waves, natural environment and the impressive rock that name, in Santa Rosa National Park, where flooded with natural and animal world. It focuses a white sandy beach break waves perfectly with the left and right. The main peak is between the rocks of the Witch, and orifice.

This wave can be surfed at any tide, which makes your level of difficulty varies, to achieve perfection when half full. Its wave is the section of cylindrical tube.


To get there, you can access by car-wheel drive and preferably in the summer for Liberia, where the entrance to the  Santa Rosa Nacional Park.

The park has camping area, do not forget to bring fresh water. The entrance has a value is about $15 . For more information, please visit the protected areas in Costa Rica


Boat is a good option because you can surf to Potrero Grande Roca Bruja one day.

Coco takes the boat or you can book various tour operators or surf shops in Tamarindo.


Playa Grande. Intermediate

This beautiful beach is part of the National Marine Park lute, where thousands of giant leatherback turtles come to nest every year between October to March.


The Beach Break has several peaks, but the main one located across the parking lot.

High tide was surfing a wave form highly ordered, crystalline waters. The only negative factor is the enormous amount of surfers who are making a practice of patience on this beach where everyone is local.

Works with the south swell, provided that you do not have the size as much as the wave closes.


Playa Grande is about 20 minutes north of Tamarindo, on the paved road, crossing to the left at the junction of Villareal.


The Tamarindo estuary. Beginners

This wave is not very coherent, but it is almost a legend, that when it comes out is excellent. This wave is located across the creek that separates Playa Grande Tamarindo.


Before urban development in this area, this wave is a right tube. It is now a very soft wave to surf where they learn most residents and visitors.


The best conditions are filled at low tide and a heavy swell from the north.


The estuary of Tamarindo is located at the entrance of the village, where is the parking lot, walk a bit north. You must go rowing or cross the river by the sea


Playa Langosta. Intermediate Surf Costa Rica

On this beach there are two points of waves. The first is the frog, an outer reef just outside the hotel Barceló surf at low tide. It is a form properly and force, sometimes left out. The other wave is the Estero de Langosta, where the waves broke on both sides.


This beach is very close to Tamarindo.

The main crossing to the left in the first inning and end on the right. Then follow the left path a few miles.


Avellanas. Intermediate Costa Rica Surf

One of the favorite beaches of Guanacaste for its crystal clear waters of green, white sand, and the different peaks which provides at all levels and types of surfers.


Starting at the car park, small Hawaiian Avellanas El Estero, El Palo and La Purruja. Some high tide surf better and others with dry, mostly with swells from the north and south.


No public buses arrive at this idyllic beach. You can take a taxi from Tamarindo, which will not be an economic, since the road is unpaved and the trip can take an hour because of this detail. For you must turn right at the intersection of Villareal, ie to the south.

Playa Negra. Advanced


Can be regarded as the most consistent beach. This is a breaking point right with the rocky bottom which makes it quite hold size. Can surf with any tide and swell at all, showing caution when dry rocks that are closer to the surface.

Playa Negra is located about 4 kilometers south of hazelnuts.


Marbella. Advanced Surf

His real name is Frijolar, but everyone called by the people of Marbella, next to it.

This beach is almost untouched, has not built one miles around and is very remote from the vibrant growth in northern Guanacaste.


It is an open sea, so deep that it is intimidating and vulnerable to wind. Its waves are strong, have to be left sections of pipe and sand bottom wall or the right.


To get there, follow the dirt road to Black Beach in the south, drive an hour to reach a peaceful people. By finding the football field, turn right until he ran into the beach, a street full of vegetation, where howler monkeys and coatis are the true owners of the sector.


Nosara. Intermediate Surf

Scripts Beach, better known as Nosara known, is a wide beach with many peaks above them. High tide makes it perfect for long boarders and beginners, while the tide is faster and pipe sections for advanced surfers. T

he shaft is deeper than most beach breaks in Costa Rica, but it’s worth the club moves.


Note that the beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara is to get Santa Teresa and Malpais, no direct influence of the winds as the Papagayo beaches north of Guanacaste.


To reach this beach from San Jose to go to Santa Cruz and diverted to Samara and Nosara. Tamarindo is about three hours, or Santa Cruz or the coast in summer. In Puntarenas take the ferry can be Drum and climb Santa Teresa only in summer or stop by the Friendship Bridge and follow the signs.


Santa Teresa. Intermediate Surfing in Costa Rica

Another beach bread smooth and consistent, Santa Teresa breaks at low tide, swell from the north, have more travel and not more than seven feet. With south swell of the shaft is normally closed.


Reach Santa Teresa can be a fun ordeal, with beautiful scenery and sunsets to be purple filled. Is south of Nosara. Of the Central Pacific and San Jose, take the ferry to Puntarenas Tambor. Before leaving, the same hours by phone 2641 0515th

From San Jose you can take buses from Terminal Coca-Cola


Playa El Carmen. Beginner Costa Rica Surf

South of Santa Teresa, El Carmen is a beach break to surf preferably flood.


Malpais. Advanced

His wave of rock-bottom left is better if you add a South swell. High water is ideal.


Central Pacific Costa Rica Surf

Best time: April to October. The advantage of this area is that it has waves all year round easy access and facilities such as banks, hotels in all price and health centers.


The distances are short and easily accessible. No need to rent car, public transport is efficient and taxis are very expensive. To have received from San Jose to bring the road to the airport and where they differ, Manuel Antonio, says through a steep winding road. The trip takes about two hours, these are the beaches near the capital.


By bus from Terminal Coca Cola at regular intervals all the buses to drive this sector of the country.

Legendary wave came, from which many of the first surfers in the country, the left is the second longest in Costa Rica, making it very popular. Works with South swell in size.


As a point of rest holds large and can be surfed at mean high water is soft, long and clean, although many say the first surfers, that was before the construction of the port of Caldera stronger with three different heights and a criminal section of pipe.



To get there, take the road to Puntarenas. Boca Barranca is the beach which is on the left side at 57 km north of Canyon Bridge Jaco.


El Hoyo. Advanced

This wave of crime, completely hollow, fast and strong is ideal for experienced surfers and bodyboarders Kamikaze.


You do not need a big swell to work, but works best south swells. Surf in the middle of flood control, although the local bodyboarders prefer drier with the flood, when the droplet is suicidal.


To reach this beach you have to the harbor, whose entrance is about to enter the bridge from Caldera. You need to park your car at the entrance of the harbor and walk a mile. Alternatively, take a boat on the southern end of the bridge caldera.


Escondida. Advanced Costa Rica Surf

He is considered one of the best waves in the country, this bottom point break coral and crystal clear water with the best waves as left to right, has the privilege of big waves when the swell, preferably in the south, is about seven meters, unbearable for the rest of the nearby beaches and tide.


Escondida is located in a private high standards of safety, if you do not have permission to give the ground the only way is by boat, Playa Herradura, which is pretty cheap.


Jaco. Intermediate Cossta Rica

Your offer different points on waves for beginners, you need only look to even walk to the beach where the wave is better. It’s surfs with half tide or vice versa. The main peak is in the middle, down the road of the hat. Further south, the wave is small and elegant, in the end is where most surf schools teach.


There are buses from San Jose to Jaco terminal on the basis of Coca Cola.

Tamarindo is a feat is possible, then it is better to pay a direct shuttle to three or four buses needed to take the Odyssey.


Roca Loca. Advanced

Lower right coral, better with a big South swell and ebb. Roca Loca lot size holds up to triple overhead. From the outside, not so big actual size, but given the huge rocks that surrounded it to see.


It is based on the road between Jaco and Hermosa, at the top of the mountain. When you use the cars parked on the side of the road from the lookout point.


Surf Costa Rica Hermosa. Advanced

This beach is approximately seven miles long and grow about five main peaks, as it approaches the south. Each of the different tidal waves. Tulin Terrace and the surf at low tide, back yard, the tree and the mid-tide curve preferably.


Hermosa is famous for being one of the most powerful beach breaks in the world. Its shaft is strong, fast and not suitable for wimps. Throughout the year, offers waves for surfers who dare to run it.

To arrive by car have like five minutes south of Jaco handle. By bus you can take in the Coca Cola terminal in San Jose to Quepos bus and tell the driver to stop at Playa Hermosa, Jaco, or to stop and take a taxi. There is a way to Quepos Puntarenas Beautiful pass several times a day.


Esterillos Oeste. Beginner Costa Riaca Surf

Many of the summits at this beach. His right hand is long, soft, and when the conditions are reasonable, orderly line. He surfs better flood.


To get there, 15 miles south of Playa Hermosa to go, is the second entry (to Punta Mala) to Esterillos Oeste


Esterillos Centro. Intermediate

Mid tide the wave is amazing, worthy of magazine covers. It breaks the typical peak waves in the middle generate the two right and left.


It comes after the Costanera, 3 miles south of Esterillos Oeste.


Bejuco . Advanced Costa Rica Surf

So strong and powerful as well, but less crowded and more pristine, Bejuco is a jewel in the central Pacific.


At the same coastline that Jaco, Hermosa and Esterillos but further south, this beach is about the same way up, that the South has been reached.


Quepos. Intermediate

Although Rune is very fickle wave, the right of Quepos is often very funny when a big swell hits on these shores. You surf at low tide.


Quepos is one hour south of Jaco, the wave breaks in front of the restaurant, The Great Escape.

Passing Quepos, Manuel Antonio, where some peaks constant burst Quepos.

 South Pacific Costa Rica Surf

Best time: April to September, when the goal starts to the south swells one after the other, so that unusual waves to all who dare to explore the wildest part of the country.


Public transport is available but not recommended because the number of buses to be taken, how long is the journey and damaged roads so this is a very uncomfortable journey. The best option is to rent a car 4X4.


Sunday. Advanced

Away from the shore, this beach break bursts tubular, fast and challenging. Mean high tide is ideal to have a better shape. You do not need a big swell, the former being the recommended time of the day.


The easiest thing is to Sunday, to get from the coast, along the coastal road. From Quepos to Dominical the road and is in excellent condition, and the journey takes about 40 minutes.


There is also the traditional way, the hill of death. You can take the Panamerican Highway south and turn off at San Isidro del General (Perez Zeledon also known as known). From there, trips to the West and is about an hour Sunday.


Costa Rica Surf Matapalo. Advanced

In this area there are three completely different peaks, this beautiful and wild nature that accompanies characterize the south.


Matapalos lower right is a long stone and enough power in every surf waves to mid tide.


Backwashing is the next high point before Matapalo. Pop with rocky soil, it quickly back and forth at low tide, although the law is usually best.


Pan Dulce is the first summit that we are in the area. It is much softer than backwash and Matapalo, with other rock-bottom right. You surf and high tide in the dry rock that out of the water.


Puerto Jimenez is the nearest town to the Matapalo area. From there, four-wheel drive vehicles are rustic, which serve as public transportation to Carate to Matapalo. Puerto Jimenez is 18 kilometers from the Pan Dulce, the first point on the road is not paved, so it is advisable to go in four wheel drive vehicle either owned or rented.

Carate. Advanced Costa Rica Surfing

Waves with a period of inconsistent surf, the flood of offers, Carate one of the exotic beaches in Costa Rica, awash with lush nature in an almost impenetrable jungle in the rainy season.


Past Dominical, Matapalo about two hours north along the road parallel to the beach. It is a rustic truck route out of Puerto Jimenez.


Pavones Costa Rica Surf

It is the second longest left in the world, exposed in the southern Pacific Costa Rica in a small town, which corresponds in the eyes of the world thanks to this incredible wave of rocky ground with a length of 10 football fields, was removed.


You can surf all day and when the waves were about head full of surfers, so it must be very patient, just as if he can take in two waves each session is enough.


Its shaft is smooth, fast and pipe sections that never close. If there are no waves can take a boat to Matapalos whose shaft is consistently increasing.


CARIBBEAN Costa Rica Surf

Crossing the Caribbean we have a completely different part of the country with a culture and traditions with their own characteristics. The sea moves and feels different. May one day be the wave can be very large, wild, and the next day, the ocean seems like a blue pool.


The best waves occur between December and March, with a wave period in June and July.


The Caribbean in San Jose drive-bus terminal. By car, take the road to Guápiles, crossing the Braulio Carrillo Park, an intimidating mountain humid and rainy.

If they have the Puerto Viejo on public transport in the terminal make sure you buy the ticket to Puerto Viejo de Limon and Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, which is in the mountains far from the coast


Playa Bonita. Advanced

Located in Limon, the capital town of the region, left the ground Bonita coral is fast and precise. Transformed by the earthquake in 1991, this wave was more critical and radical move the coral below.


Isla Uvita. Advanced

Perfection and beauty are the qualities of this left. His background makes reef keeping hold large order and speed.


On the island to 3 miles from Puerto Limon you will be reached only by boat. The district is on the San Juan 150 m east and 25 south to take from the school.


Playa Negra Costa Rica Surf Intermediate

There is a Caribbean beach break with plenty of exercise. It is very stable, but works well when Salsa Brava and Cocles full of surfers are on a good swell from the north.


This is the first beach at the entrance to Puerto Viejo.

               Salsa Brava. Advanced Costa Rica Surf

It is the most radical wave of the country, those waves that suck in and below the sea level due to its huge plate corals. You go left and right, but the right has more travel.

To enter you must follow a narrow channel which lies between the corals in very shallow water.

Salsa Brava is not for the surfers who do not know what they are doing, is recommended. The same wave is responsible for the demonstration, which are local and those who do not, you can see on his face when it comes to the set.


This beach is located in the center of Puerto Viejo.

Cocles. Intermediate Surf Costa Rica

It is the most popular beach break and consistently in the area. With multiple peaks from the right and left, have not Cocles very long waves, but fun and neat and strong.

Like all waves of the Caribbean with tropical storms increases.


Costa Rica is full of beaches and mountains, some more popular than others, many secrets to their premises and many other undiscovered. It is decided at the surfers, the danger of these waves to explore the country in a conscious and responsible to its people and their environment, without taking a trace.

Massage Jaco Beach

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Costa Rica Rivers

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Costa Rica Rivers

Costa Rica Rivers Sarapiqui

The main rivers of the Pacific slope are the Tempisque River, which rises on the slopes of Volcan Orosi, with the name of Tempisquito.

Before the construction of the Pan American Highway was the main means of communication in the province of Guanacaste through its two tributaries and drinker Baggins.
Also Tárcoles River, formed by the confluence of the Rio Grande and San Ramon Virilla. The latter is very important because wastewater drains the Central Valley.

It was the first stream which was used for the production of electricity.

The Rio Grande or Rio Térraba Diquís is of major rivers and most powerful in the country, consisting of two arms which are the General and Coto Brus, who meet at a place called Paso Real. These rivers irrigate the valley of El General and Coto Brus.

The main rivers of the Atlantic are the San Juan River, which forms the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This river belongs entirely to the Nicaraguan state, although Costa Rica has the right to commercial shipping that, under the Treaty limits Cañas-Jerez 1858.

It takes a lot of sediments, which have obstructed the main mouth and, therefore, part of its water flows down the Colorado River, which originates 30 km before its mouth and belongs to Costa Rica.

The Rio Tortuguero owes its name to the large number of turtles that visit the area.

The rat population has fallen to levels of extinction by the actions of humans. No of course, but forms a network of rivers, canals and navigable lagoons, very picturesque.

Reventazon River and the Rio Jimenez converge to form the Rio Parismina in the center of the Central Valley because it collects the waters of the eastern sector (Valle del Guarco). In its course it receives several tributaries, including the Macho Tapantí, and Navarro.
Sixaola River serves as boundary between Costa Rica and Panama. Its tributaries Yorkín, Coen, Lari and Uren. It also serves as a means of communication between different peoples.

Costa Rica Rivers Tarcoles

Costa Rica Rivers Tarcoles

Tárcoles is critical because it provides water to three provincial capitals of the country, San José, Alajuela and Heredia, which comprise 35 municipalities in an area that represents only 4.15% of total earth. However, this is where the largest concentration of people in the country, approximately 63% of the population.

The Tempisque River Basin and the Rio drinker are of great importance for agricultural use is for approximately 75% of the total water available for this use throughout the country. These basins cover a large part of the province of Guanacaste, known as a producer of livestock and crops such as sugarcane and rice.


Costa Rica has only two relevant size lakes. These are the Laguna de Arenal, which is artificial, and Lake Cachi, which is also similar artificial and Arenal, to produce electricity.

Laguna de Cote

Costa de la Laguna (680 m)-also known as Laguna de COTER-is located north of Lake Arenal. It has a diameter of about 1 kilometer, with 11 mt. deep. Several Costa Rican scientists are of the opinion that it is a crater due to geological features that have now are recreational and tourist can take a boat tour and even enjoy fishing.

Lake Arenal

Currently, the reservoir of the hydroelectric project in the country, Lake Arenal is a vast body of water surrounded by hills that keep the grass and patches of forest.

Outstanding at the end of the east side, is the conical shape of the volcano, which regularly erupts spewing lava flows and enormous clouds of ash.

Despite all drivers around the lake are impressed with the scenery, Arenal is especially popular among fishermen and “windsurfing”. Anglers are attracted by the guapote, bass or rainbow, a fish that blooms heavily on the lake.

The “windsurfers” are in the far west side of Lake Arenal, where strong and consistent winds make it one of the best places in the world for this sport.


Fourth River Lagoon

This lake is 400 m, is located about 8 km. San Miguel de Sarapiqui, on the way to Venice, has an area of 40 ha., Has a depth of about 75 mt., Being the deepest natural lake in Costa Rica.

Scientists suggest that the lake occupies the crater of a volcano. For the rich biodiversity of the tourist has an enormous geological and biological.

Tortuguero River

The trip through the channel of the lowlands is the most popular of Tortuguero (Caribbean), which run along the Atlantic coast north of the port of Moin to the communities of Parismina, Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado.

Most travelers head to Tortuguero National Park, which protects an important nesting beach for sea turtles and large tracts of lowland rainforest and wetlands.

A trip through any of the extensions of the channels is a real jungle adventure, offering the opportunity to see animals such as crocodiles, three-toed sloths, orioles and herons. It also offers world class fishing for tarpon and other species.


Falls Cascade couples

This waterfall is known for a series of anecdotes about the origin of the name, adorns the foot Picacho and can see how Ujarrás Valley road in the area of Paraiso and Orosi.


San Fernando Waterfall

Located in the community of Cinchona on the route of Varablanca-San Miguel de Sarapiqui, seen from the road surrounded by a dense forest, which is part of Braulio Carrillo National Park, has a waterfall of 70 meters.

Falls of St. Gerard

From San Gerardo de Dota is due to walk about two hours between primary forests observation of flora and fauna of great striking and reach this waterfall with a drop of forty feet.


La Paz Waterfall

It is located near the community of Vara Blanca and Cinchona on the road to Sarapiquí is a cascade of extraordinary beauty because of the natural environment that are two hops is small and one large and imposing that crown the fall seen along the road and harmonized with a wooden bridge structure considered a work of art.

We have developed a structure of routes and points of view in some places, allowing a remarkable natural landscape, including forest, river, waterfalls and wildlife.

Angel Falls

It is a waterfall seen from a road (the community of La Isla) and can be visited along a path parallel to the river bank Angel (near the community of Tern), has a cascade of 100 meters, but only the upper part is exposed to air.
Llanos de Cortez Waterfall (Bagaces)
It is a few kilometers north of the city of Bagaces, road to Liberia, where a left turn that leads to this place. The falls are surrounded by lush vegetation and several meters high. Its waters are a beautiful color that falls into a pond where you can swim and has the distinction of having a white sand beach.
Go The Julianes
The main entrance is on the Santa Maria de Dota, the access road to Los Julianes virgin is a mountainous area popularly known as Bayonet row, is a cascade of about ninety feet high.

Fortuna Waterfall

One of the most striking attractions, is located 5.5 kilometers from Fortuna, has designed a trail with a steep slope that allows the observation of a waterfall that falls from 70 meters. Proceeds from the entrance of the waterfall are used by the Association for the development of several projects and social welfare activities in the area.

Nauyaca Falls

These beautiful waterfalls are also known as “Santo Cristo or Don Lulo”. They are located about 12 kilometers from Dominical, road to San Isidro del General. To get there, a parade takes place in the hotel you can enjoy these beautiful waterfalls are surrounded by vegetation and invite tourists to swim in the pool spacious and secure.

A brief Costa Rica History

Costa Rica History Review

A brief review
The history of Costa Rica is a triumph of peace over hostility, due to the tranquil atmosphere of this country
Studies in Costa Rica confirmed that many civilizations have settled in this region for 10,000 years after the arrival of Spanish conquistadors.

Many indigenous civilizations have disappeared, with Costa Rica home, leaving behind mysteries and wonders for future generations. One of these wonders are hundreds of rocks that have been found in the Pacific Coast, perfectly spherical, ranging from the size of a baseball up rocks the size of a car.
Objects of gold and jade are other treasures left by these ancient civilizations, and that can now be admired in museums in the Central Valley.

Recently Costa Rica History

More recently, ancient Indian ruins found near the Central Valley, revealing sophisticated systems of aqueducts and canals, as well as magnificent buildings that are beyond imagination.

By the time of the arrival of Columbus, there were four Indian tribes main living in Costa Rica. The east coast was the domain of the Caribbean, while Boruca Diquis Chibchas and lived in the south-west.

For starters, these populations were not numerous and when the Spanish arrived, were responsible for almost disappear them, some escaped and others were killed, yet many settlers established colonies in Central America and Mexico, which finally won its independence from Spain in 1821.

Due to this historic declaration, Costa Rica declared itself as a democracy with a president, parliament or publicly elected Assembly. Early coffee became the main product of Costa Rica, and the coffee oligarchy became the ruling class.

Other products such as bananas also helped the economic growth of Costa Rica. All these efforts of agriculture made possible the improvement of roads, telecommunications systems, building roads, railways, electricity and making education available to all. Realizing this, investors around the world created profitable businesses that exist even today.
Many great presidents we’ve had, and not so memorable, forged the Costa Rica today.

Undoubtedly, and so far, the greatest achievement of Costa Rica was the dissolution of the army after the civil war in 1948, low and mandate of former President Jose Figueres Ferrer, and that changed forever the face of our nation, making and what is today a nation warm, calm and peaceful.

Some came and went, until the former president Oscar Arias put Costa Rica in the eyes of the world, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his efforts in the conflicts in Central America.
Today Costa Rica is still a peace-loving country, no army, however has the highest literacy cup of the world, and many companies such as INTEL, has established a corporation here. Tourism also plays an important role, as Costa Ricans have learned to value and appreciate the benefits that foreign investment can bring. If you visit us you will realize that everyone in Costa Rica are friendly and always willing to help.

Jaco Costa Rica  Reviews

Jaco Costa Rica Reviews

Jaco Costa Rica Reviews

Jaco Costa Rica Reviews

Jaco Beach is a sandy tan beach, where  you can came  to enjoy the nature without having  to leave the city.

Jaco Costa Rica Beach is one of the closest beaches to San Jose.

Jaco Beach was once very quiet without much traffic of people. But it was not long before the great waves of this Beach began attracting people from all over the word in large numbers, especially given the proximity of the beach to San Jose (the capital of this country).

With people coming to surf, arose the nightlife necessity.

Nowadays Jaco is considered as one the wildest party cost of Costa Rica, and a favorite destination for worshipers of the wave’s natural lovers since jaco has very good location close to a lot magnificent places visit.

Jaco Costa Rica Reviews Things to do

The country is very famous for its so spectacular and wonderful beaches.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica  is rather small. This beach’s water is generally not very secure for regular swimmers, waves are big and currents are very common, fortunately there are signs where the dangerous places to swim are. So beware,    on the other hand jaco is all about the best surf breaks, Apart from Jaco Beach itself, the best surfing beach in Costa Rica are nearby.

Hermosa Beach it the most hardcore surfers beach in the area, Playa Hermosa, it just less than 10 minutes’ drive on the south of Jacó, many local surf go to Playa Hermosa to take advantage of the waves always large.

Hermosa also it famous due to several surf tournament and also is This beach is the house of  an international convention to surf yearly.

Herradura beach: It is less than 15 minutes north of Jacó, Playa Herradura, soft beach is becoming a surf beach in its own right, particularly for those who want to escape the bustle of Jaco. This beach is really good for swimmers it is one of my favorites place to swim thanks to its peaceful beaches.

Jaco Costa Rica Beach is indeed shocking. Discotheques, casinos, nightclubs and dive bars line the streets of Jaco beach; Beatle Bar, Monkeys bar, le loft, just to mention some. Fortunately, there are many things to see and do in this beach that does not involve the imperial hubs.

Now for those who love Sport Fishing, the party is at sea. The beaches south and north of the city are much more picturesque, and safer for swimmers and not so populated.

“Jaco Costa Rica  reviews” video

Jaco Thing to do for Fun “Jaco Costa Rica  reviews”

Things to do to for fun and learn about Costa Rica. Canopy tour – Zip line, horseback riding, and hiking through the forests bordering it is an excellent opportunity for birds watching and excellent view of the city.

One the best destination to bird waching is the Carara national Park which is just about nine miles north or 20 minutes’ drive from Jaco and has a lot of hiking trails; this is a vital importance area for nesting macaws.

Macaws generally migrate daily it is generally  better to hike this trails in the afternoon.

Macaws can also bee seen very early , on this hours they are more active, Sometimes you do no need to go out of the city to see them.

Ultimately it is a good idea to ask the locals people so they can assist you, when like to go for adventures.

Jaco Costa Rica Beach is exceedingly friendly town. With a lot of alternatives for tourist, includes many necessary services, such as banks, Internet cafes, tour operators, and really good restaurants serving international cuisine as well many locals restaurants, where you have some Costa Ricans food for as little as $5.

Surf Jaco Costa Rica  reviews

If you are new or have not experience or just like to know more about surf scene, you can easily book some surf lessons which will ensure your success.

The Costa Rica Beach has several surf schools Surf School, where you can rend boards are available everywhere.

As you can see the Jaco Costa Rica  reviews covers only a small part of this wonderful country, great people, a country where I have the privilege to live and enjoy myself.

Do not forget, if you come to Playa Jaco Ask the local for the best things to do, Costa Rica is full of beautiful places you must see!

We have Several really good activities in the Central Pacific area, Costa Rica Tours such as, Canopy Zipling, White Water Rafting, Sport Fishing, Canyoning Expeditions,

Waterfall Tours and much More..