Top Places to Retire

The search for a fabulous and inexpensive destination for retirement can be very frustrating when you have no idea what and where to look.

If you are looking for your dream of paradise to stay if not life at least a couple of years, please get your bags ready, follow me, I ‘m going to show where the top 3 cheapest and best places where you can retire are.

Fortunately there are some simple guidelines that you can follow while looking for a low price destination.

One of the first things is finding places that are easily accessible; we don’t want to spend a fortune to get our self-transported there. Then try to live away from cities and shopping area, the cost of housing to income tends to be lower in sub urban areas.

Now If you are one of those lucky enough to earn hard currency, it would be convenient to use in the bag and find places in Asia or Central America and stay in the cities that offer a better quality of life.

Best Countries to Retire

Costa Rica: Life here is more or less casual, closed in most places of great natural beauty such as mountains, volcanoes, beaches, forests, and national parks. Its tropical climate offers countless opportunities to explore the natural wildlife improve your surfing skills and can even learn and practice Spanish.

The living cost in city like San Jose starts from about $ 600 a month, to rent a small house in the urban sub costs $ 300 a month. Get a good meal at a cost of $ 6.00 to 7.00. By Buying food in local markets will save much more than the regular supermarket. Tax benefits for foreign residents in Costa Rica are available. English language is widely spoken and you are having the same rights as any other Costa Rica Citizen.

Australia: The land current offers qualities of life, equally to that of any developed cities around the Planet.

With very rich mix of migrant culture in urban places is provided to the singularity.

A short drive and you will find yourself immersed in natural beauty and diverse scenery unsurpassed in any other Place.

There are many Things to do include visiting sites of natural wonders, wildlife, historic towns, vineyards, and lots of fantastic outdoor activities.

The main thing that attracts people to Australia it is probable the weather, which literally can experience 4 seasons without real winter in most areas.

Malaysia: it is one of the lowest cost places to retire in Asia; the city has a colorful a variety of mix of foreign and domestic cultures, where all kind people of different race and religion live in peacefully.

One of the modern cosmopolitan Capitals is Kuala Lumpur, with the comfort you can find in the best cities around the world. And if you are one of those kind outdoor people, Malaysia have proven to have the best diving spots, the oldest rainforest and miles of beaches on the coast, with just minute drive.
Retting a 2 bedroom apartments start at just about $ 230 per month. Food most parts of the world can be easily found in large commercial centers. English is well adapted and widely spoken in cities as the subject is compulsory in school.
Since launching the program in Malaysia, second home, there has been an increase in the number, American, Canadian, Australian going there to buy their own property and live in these beautiful lands. Its strategic location and central position with very low airline prices allow traveling to neighboring destinations.

Buying a Condo

Buying a Condo or Apartments Pro and Cons

You’re like most people and I mean by that you want a better financial future than their present, well at least not worse. So, you set the money aside and start thinking of ways to make this money grow. So there are many options, but you have selected as your real estate investment field, and you are thinking of condominiums.

Condos have considerable more advantages over single-family houses or buildings of 2-4 units.
Of course it also has several drawbacks. I have had different conversations with people, who have invested in condominiums, few were aware of them all. And here they are.

Some advantages of Buying a  Condo or Apartment

Maintenance should be done on all properties. Condos, especially condominiums that are well managed, offer some good relief to investors in condos.
You do not have the need to worry about the roof, stairs, landscaping and others. The association will takes care of them. For an extra feed It is true, but you will not have do this task. Some of the problems within the unit can also be served by the maintenance team complex. This varies from condominium association to the condo association. And they do charge for it, but do not have to drop everything you are doing run to your condo because the sink is leaking or any other mayor problem.

Buying a Condo or Apartments Prices

some apartments are really expensive. Nevertheless, the homes of similar size in the same neighborhood cost even more. Therefore, you can buy an investment property in a better neighborhood. Moreover, in most areas, there is no such thing as a 1 bedroom house, but yes there is 1 bedroom, and in some case no even no bedroom, condominium units. And there are people willing to rent these units.

Services when Buying a Condo

Services vary from condominium association to the condominium association. However, it is possible to invest in a condo in a complex location, with swimming pool, security 24 hours, and stuff.

The disadvantages of Buying a Condo as an Investment

Rules are rules and you have to follow them and this are not necessary yours. Every association has its own regulations. And the regulation “rules” can change. Any rule can change and one of them is weather more tenants is allowed or not. So if you own a condominium and the association votes against more tenants, when you’re leasing it up, whether moving in or sell. Your association may decide to go with the rule of ‘no more’ tenants when you are selling and all this when the sale is not really profitable.

It May be worse if they decide to allow more vacation. Having too many renters can make it difficult to get a mortgage “FHA and some others don’t like condo associations, which are rented by more than 10% of the units.” This makes the resale of your investment not an easy task, to say nothing of refinancing thereof.

Sharing decision making
Yes, you can make sure you have something to say about the decisions, also getting yourself elected to the board directors will help, yet you are not the only one who makes the decisions.

Association rates
you have to pay the same amount if your unit is rented or vacant. It is to say, you have to pay the same amount even if you are not using the services, a good example is the portion of the water bill of the evaluation.

Special Assessments if buying a condo or apartment
You bought your apartment or condo unit, no special assessments and none is being studied. After some months later, the partnership decides it’s time for a new look and not enough money in reserves. The association decides to go ahead and offers a facelift and pay special assessments. Y our participation will be double its profits over the next 20 months. It can happen.
Right, things can go wrong with an investment of a single family or apartment building investment. But you have to have more control. Because you hire a home inspector inspect the entire structure. Because there is no member of the Board of Director whose boyfriend owns a construction company that may use some thousand dollars.

So, in general, buying a condo as an investment, not the way forward. That is, if you can afford a house. A single house is just not the best way to go, so if you can afford a building of a two-unit building is not the best way to go if you can pay a building of 3 units and so on. And there are two good reasons: when a condo is empty (or maybe a townhouse) the source of income banishes yet all expenses are still there.

In any case, if you are buying an apartment in an investment property, you need to the deal you’re getting into.

Surfing Paddling is good for you

Stand up Paddle

Stand up Paddle Surfing away from. Great for all training, both strength and balance to stay upright are used and as you move yourself through the water intensity of your training can vary, depending on where you use your paddle card. Paddling upstream in lake a river or ocean current and waves will result in a more intense work out. If you spend more time to drift with the tide, then you have a smoother workout.

The benefit of Standup Paddle on a surf board is the increasing in your level of fitness. It is a rally good sport for cross training as you will find that you use the muscles of the legs, arms, back, shoulders stomach, feet as well. As the paddle to be used a lot of different muscles, just balancing on the board, giving you more of a workout than you realize. If you are interested in an aerobic and resistance to work, then this is the perfect sport.

As a sport that has lots of advantages over other activities. Unlike running will not experience any shocks to the joints or muscles, and is also a non-contact sport, so unless you have an encounter with a big wave, you can avoid the bangs, hard knocks and bruises involved in sports such as rugby and football . Also been a very good sport to help eliminate stress. If you decide to take a gentle paddle up a river or confused with the waves, standing up paddling on a boarding can be very enjoyed able and full of adrenaline. Whenever a water body, and. Any activity that takes us outdoors has tremendous health benefits, so enjoy the good view, sunshine, fresh air and exercise.

achieving Stand up Paddle Board takes a little practice as necessary to maintain balance on the board while been paddling. Be expected to drop more than a few times to start. To improve your overall coordination of the paddle board is perfect and you really need to work the leg muscles to keep upright.

Not able to Surf ? No Problmen

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a very good alternative to surfing, especially if you have trouble with surfing, or if even if have friends who are good surfers, and I feel a bit left out. This way you can get in the water too, and you have a fantastic view. You can still catch waves, like you would on a surfboard, and like the larger waves can also ride the smaller waves or fuzzy.that a surfer could not take. Stand up Paddle Boarding is more versatile as well, so you can head to calmer waters, paddling upstream or even use it in a loch. It’s also ideal if you suffer from back problems, as when browsing, you’re lying on the board and arch your back.

You will experience a fantastic sense of accomplishment learning to use your paddle panel. Do not expect to be able to ride the giant waves, for starters. Remember, practice makes perfect.

The Weather in Costa Rica

Weather in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country located in northern Ecuador. You experience a diverse and wide temperate and tropical climate is manifested by two seasons, dry and moisture. Although this country is around the vicinity of Ecuador, Costa Rica has no real winter or summer season, and it’s sunny most of the time even trough the raining season. The sun rises early at about 5 am, and usually gets to 6:pm all the time constant of the year, representing nearly 12 hours of sun each day.

Costa Rica’s dry season

Costa Rica’s dry season is believed to take place during the months of December through April. Costa Rica experiences little or no rain during this period. However, foreigners should not be surprised if there will be little rain during these seasons. While, the wed season is during the months of May to the end of November, and it has temperatures of 20 up 37 degrees Celsius or 68- 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The country experienced heavy rains especially during September and October.

Costa Rica is split into six zones: Central Valley North Pacific Central Pacific South Pacific, North Zone, and the Caribbean. The variety of elevations in which the different parts of the country is the main reason for a wide diversity in the climate of country.
Northern Area is the rural part of the region, which is far less populated including the provinces. Guanacaste, Alajuela and Limón. The highest parts of this region have temperatures of around mid-upper teens Celsius, meanwhile the lower parts in the mid 19 degrees Celsius and higher during the year. The Rainfall more likely in the lowlands. and averages about 100 inches, while in the mountains, is about 140 centimeters.

Central Valley Region

Central Valley Region includes the provinces of San José, Cartago, Alajuela and Heredia. The climate in this area ranges from dry to moist hot and cold depending on where you are. High altitudes, as on the slopes of Poas Volcano, which at an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainfall on this side of the valley is 127 inches during the year.

North Pacific side of Costa Rica

North Pacific side includes part of the Guanacaste province, Alajuela western and the northern section of the province of Puntarenas. North Pacific is considered the sunniest region and one of the most visited because of its incredible beaches. North Pacific undergoes annual temperature of 27 degrees Celsius or 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Central Pacific Coastal region

The Central Pacific coastal region includes parts of the provinces of Puntarenas and San José and the beaches of Jaco, Dominical, Uvita and Quepos. This region generally has an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The dry season from the first days of January to May, what makes this experience temperature hot zone until the month of June.

Soth Pacific Area

South Pacific region includes parts of Puntarenas province. On This part of the region have diverse dry and rainy seasons. The average temperature of 21 above the low of 35 degrees Celsius all year around the year. October is probably the wettest month of the year, meanwhile February is the driest month of the year.

The Carebean Site

The Caribbean is the most humid and rainiest region in Costa Rica. Because of the moisture from the Caribbean Sea, occasionally heavy rain last a couple of days. The mean temperature in the coastal zone is at the top of 20 degrees Celsius and low of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature is experiences in the months of May, June and October, and low temperature during December to February.