The search for a fabulous and inexpensive destination for retirement can be very frustrating when you have no idea what and where to look.

If you are looking for your dream of paradise to stay if not life at least a couple of years, please get your bags ready, follow me, I ‘m going to show where the top 3 cheapest and best places where you can retire are.

Fortunately there are some simple guidelines that you can follow while looking for a low price destination.

One of the first things is finding places that are easily accessible; we don’t want to spend a fortune to get our self-transported there. Then try to live away from cities and shopping area, the cost of housing to income tends to be lower in sub urban areas.

Now If you are one of those lucky enough to earn hard currency, it would be convenient to use in the bag and find places in Asia or Central America and stay in the cities that offer a better quality of life.

Best Countries to Retire

Costa Rica: Life here is more or less casual, closed in most places of great natural beauty such as mountains, volcanoes, beaches, forests, and national parks. Its tropical climate offers countless opportunities to explore the natural wildlife improve your surfing skills and can even learn and practice Spanish.

The living cost in city like San Jose starts from about $ 600 a month, to rent a small house in the urban sub costs $ 300 a month. Get a good meal at a cost of $ 6.00 to 7.00. By Buying food in local markets will save much more than the regular supermarket. Tax benefits for foreign residents in Costa Rica are available. English language is widely spoken and you are having the same rights as any other Costa Rica Citizen.

Australia: The land current offers qualities of life, equally to that of any developed cities around the Planet.

With very rich mix of migrant culture in urban places is provided to the singularity.

A short drive and you will find yourself immersed in natural beauty and diverse scenery unsurpassed in any other Place.

There are many Things to do include visiting sites of natural wonders, wildlife, historic towns, vineyards, and lots of fantastic outdoor activities.

The main thing that attracts people to Australia it is probable the weather, which literally can experience 4 seasons without real winter in most areas.

Malaysia: it is one of the lowest cost places to retire in Asia; the city has a colorful a variety of mix of foreign and domestic cultures, where all kind people of different race and religion live in peacefully.

One of the modern cosmopolitan Capitals is Kuala Lumpur, with the comfort you can find in the best cities around the world. And if you are one of those kind outdoor people, Malaysia have proven to have the best diving spots, the oldest rainforest and miles of beaches on the coast, with just minute drive.
Retting a 2 bedroom apartments start at just about $ 230 per month. Food most parts of the world can be easily found in large commercial centers. English is well adapted and widely spoken in cities as the subject is compulsory in school.
Since launching the program in Malaysia, second home, there has been an increase in the number, American, Canadian, Australian going there to buy their own property and live in these beautiful lands. Its strategic location and central position with very low airline prices allow traveling to neighboring destinations.