The Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

The Wildlife Refuge Cano Negro has an area of 9,940 hectares. It is located in the cantons of Los Chiles and Guatuso of the Province of Alajuela.

Keep a sample of the most important wetlands in our territory, considered internationally important refuge for serving large numbers of migratory species, species extinciópn v’as imporancia and commercial species.

Cano Negro Lagoon is a freshwater lake shallow, with an area of 800 hectares and a stagnant water desagëe adjacent Frio River and its tributary the river Mónica.

The area comprising the lake and surrounding areas constitutye one of the most biologically diverse vital to the maintenance of environmental quality in the north.

Additionally, the area is a habitat with a variety of species of flora and fauna and natural communities, unique or endangered species many of them that make the area a site of international importance, as they are, along with the wetlands south of Lake Nicaragua, one of the highlights smuestras wetland of Mesoamerica.

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

This is a source of refuge for migratory birds north alimenteo. Some species of plants and animals found in other parts of the country, the abundance of birds and fish for human consumption and is one of the few places where the needle or gar.