Costa Rica Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park  is located on the Pacific coast, in the Osa Peninsula in the province of Puntarenas.

Corcobado National Park

Corcobado National Park

It was established by Executive Order No. 5357-A, October 24, 1975. It has an area of 54,538.9 hectares in the terrestrial and 2,400 in the Navy.

Corcovado is located in the living area for the tropical rainforest in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica, and may be said that no other wild area of the country protects the resources of plants and animals in that region.

This wilderness area is considered an excellent living laboratory to study the structure and functioning of tropical ecosystems and their relationships.

The rain forests of Corcovado National Park, are among the last holdouts who still maintain the rainforest ecosystem, without changes in the American Pacific, with over 5,000 mm rainfall annually.

The park facilitates research and scientific studies, and promotes environmental education.

Corcovado National Park Fauna

Corcobado National Park Costa Rica

Corcobado National Park Costa Rica

There are about 500 species of trees throughout the park, which is equivalent to a quarter of all species of trees in Costa Rica.

The tropical forests of protected areas are not only the best of these ecosystems in the Pacific slope, but also the latest in Central America.

The Corcovado National  Park vegetation consists mainly of tropical moist forest habitats with the following. Monatña forest, cloud forest, lowland forest, swamp forest, Yolillal, herbaceous swamps, mangroves, cliffs, vegetation and coastal vegetation.

Plant species are most characteristic of Nazareth, poponjoche guayabón the sangregao, ojoche, the male espavel and cedar, among others.

Corcovado National  Park protects several species are endangered as the big cats and reptiles, protects well, and endemic bird species of restricted distribution.

We know of the existence of 104 species of mammals, 367 birds, 117 amphibians and reptiles and 40 species of freshwater fish.

Among the most prominent animals are the tapir, the jaguar, puma, ocelot, giant anteater, capuchin monkeys, howler monkey and the white face and red squirrel, red macaw, the white hawk, the kettle water moorhen and grenadier.

Moreover, the king of the vultures, the mountain chicken, pigeon purple, toucan beak bicolor or Curre, or zapoyol Catano, Martin Peña, major and several species of hummingbirds.

The Corcovado National Park is one of the most important conservation areas for the protection of the alligator and crocodile.

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