Turrialba Costa Rica

Turrialba Costa Rica

 Costa Rica Turrialba Volcano

With an altitude of 3,340 m Turrialba Volcano is an andesitic stratovolcano-basalt.

ASL in the village of that name is located about 16 km to the northwest.

The huge caldera opens to the northeast, and NE-SW and NW-SE 500 and 800 meters to 2200 meters size. They are the main craters, Diameter flashing surface, about 100 meters to the east.

Flashing the center of a Crater Lake wall fumarolic activity in the region observed is due to rainfall. N-edge medicines that you carved for exploitation of the accumulation of sulfur in the area adjacent to it, you can also see some terraces.

Finally, W of the crater, which combines the most recent dating back almost 150 years with magmatic activities. Of gases and vapors from the bottom of the crater outflows worth the steep walls of the screen and the background is filled with data.

Turralba Volcano Activity

Turrialba Costa Rica Volcano

Turrialba Costa Rica Volcano

Last eruption of Turrialba left behind it mark.

With lavas Event, pyroclastic rocks and ash carryout by a strong wind hundreds of miles away to the west, the duration of the explosive impact with strong winds current to Central Valley, which was from 1864 to 1886 and in the February 1866 report, the most important period of activity in the explosion.

There are reports of fumaroles activity in 1899, 1920, 1957, 1969, 1971, from 1980 until today. Then, the center and west of the crater fumarolic volcanic activity at a much lower temperature is maintained.

Currently, the steam and volcanic gas are constant and the small outer wall of the activities of a particular body part and are unstable.

Lying in Central Valley creating a potentially explosive, geographic location, altitude and climatic conditions of the most densely populated in country, represents a major threat to development at the Turrialba volcano.

Volcano Turrialba Remains high on visitors compared with other tourists volcanoes in the country, even with a variety of difficulties that happened in region including access to Turrialba volcano itselft. However, due to the upper portion of the main access road and improve the quality remains accessible to most of the containers, this situation is changing rapidly.

The percentage of visits soon become a reality, and community organizations to organize properly in the field involved in the most accurate result, important changes, along with the balance of nature according to the local economy and social structure, the principles of community development to promote integrated planning for land use.

Turrialba volcano is a mirror of country beauty and its wonderful places to visit.


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