Arenal Volcano costa rica

Arenal Volcano costa rica


 Costa Rica Arenal Volcano


Arenal Volcano is Located within the fertile lowlands of northern Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano is an unavoidable presence during the journey into this part of the Costa Rica. He is tall and imposing and has a reputation that precedes it.

Arenal Volcano has a perfectly symmetrical shape makes it a tourist’s dream, while the abundance of outdoor activities makes it a very easy place to see things outside their (This is a must-do in Costa Rica.
until 2010, It was the most active volcano in Costa Rica

Much to the enjoyment of visitors, Arenal threw huge amounts of lava, gases and ash on a regular basis. This eruptive cycle – which began with the infamous eruption of 1968 – recently completed. In October 2010, Arenal  Volcano entered a resting phase undetermined.

For now, visitors can see the very dear explosions, although that could change within months or years.

Travelers to Arenal still plenty to enjoy its sights, sounds and activities; there are mountains to be traversed, fishing lakes and rivers to explore.

As one of the most beautiful and accessible areas of the country, is a necessary stop on any trip to Costa Rica.
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