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Feel free to check our BEST VALUE PROPERTIES JACO section with interesting investment opportunities in Beach condos starting at $190,000.00

Our Real Estate division is directed founders are specialized in condos houses and land within the beautiful Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach and Los Suenos Resort area, let us know what your interest is and we will present you with the different options that can fit you’re budged.

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Property Listings:

Real Estate Jaco BeachCosta Rica real estate Properties for Sale in Jaco, Please feel free to Contact us for more information. the land is located 200 meters from the Beach, one of the fastest growing cities in Costa Rica. Jaco Beach offers tranquility and lots of activities making this place one of the best places to invest in Costa Rica, Excellent Place to live.

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Real Estate in Jaco Property For Sale

Real Estate Playa Jaco

Property for sale, this property is just 50 meters from the beach .. Located in the south of Jaco Beach, has  some local fruit trees such as mango, lemon, Coconut. The Property has an area of 2900 meters, has 110 meters house Construction and with several years of existence.

Asking Price $500 a Square Meter

House For Sale In Jaco Beach

Casa en Venta Playa JacoHouse for Sale In Jaco BeachBeautiful House for sale, Located in Quebrada Ceca, near the Hotel Doce Lunas, in one of quiest neighborhood of Jaco.

This property of 400 meters.

Price $ 250,000

Properties and Real Estate in Hermosa.


20 hectares (49 Acres) $ 400,000   ($2/m2)

Description & Location

20 Hectares (exactly 198 000 m2) of rolling undeveloped rainforest with several good building sites. The farm is in the form of a square, fruit trees throughout the valley and on the west slope.

Location is on the down slope of the Coastanera after Villa Caletas.

The best way to explain the entrance to the property is as follows:  

Jaco Costa Rica Real EstateAs you come down the hill from Villa Calletas, there is a solid moutain on your right. Once you have passed the mountain and begin to see the valley below on your right you will come to a bank or berm immediately adjacent to the highway. in which there is a sign in white background with blue letters advertising lots for sale in Playa Hermosa. This is the North east corner of the property. Continue down the hill (highway)another 400 meters or so, on the right side there will be an opening in the berm with a electrical pole and a rough cut road and typical fence/gate entry on the right. This entrance is approximately in the middle of the property. It is directly across from a big pull in with a gate on the left (east side). The entrance has some orange color on the posts. There is a board mentioning “SE VENDE, go ahead S.A.) and a grey aron fence. If you reach the Pancho Villas sign you have passed it.Jaco Costa Rica Property for Sale

The plus of the property

  • The property has an ocean view of part of the Los Suenos Marina bay. Power is close by.
  • 200 + hundred meters of Coastanera frontage
  • Spring and lots of green on property
  • No building restrictions, minimum mature trees per year per hectare only to prevent serious erosion
  • Title and plano is clear with IDA
  • Visit for Real Estate Investment
Possible development on the property

1.     West side is a ridge running south to north. Northside is the highest point along this side. This ridge with peek-a-boo ocean views can accomodate around 5 good large lot pads up to the northeast corner.

2.     Northwest to Northeast side continues to climb up to about midway, then drops to the valley below and again climbs up to the north eastern corner of the square. This area from the northwest to the midway  point ridge has the best views of all with maybe 4 possible large lots.

3.     Eastern most property line is the highway. Northeast to southeast is a curving line running north to south. Here are many options for development. There is immediately off the highway a hill up 15 meters high by around 50 meters deep, then it slopes to the valley floor below. This area could be set up to put lightweight condos on the western side of the ridge line. Letting the hillock to be a natural noise buffer.

4.    Southern most line starts at the southwest corner highway. Then runs west down into the valley and clibs up again to the western ridge line. This has the lowest points and basically in not developable.


–        A road needs to be constructed to bring electrical from the east side. A basic road construction costs would be about 10-12,000 USD with drainage and all it should be less than 20,000 USD.

–        A road could be pushed through to the west slope and a lot sold to pay for all development of the ridge. Once a couple of slope lots were built and sold, the ridge, land, road and estate construction costs should be paid of.



properties can be found in this Central Pacific  regions of Costa Rica.