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Costa Rica Currency

Costa Rica Currency and Exchange


The official Costa Rica Currency is the colon. Currently, one U.S. dollar equals ¢500 colones. U.S. dollars, in cash or traveler checks can be exchanged at most hotels and banks.

The exchange rate in hotels and banks is almost always the same, and in some cases, there is a difference, it is minimal.

The Costa Rica Currency

It is recommended to change money at the hotel as the banks have often to wait in line and lost a lot of time. In all hotels you can pay in U.S. dollars or credit card. In most cases you will receive your change in local currency rather than dollars.

If staying in a small hotel, the exchange rate is subject to the availability of money in the box at the time. For this reason and for purchases that might be interesting in the street or in a place where people only accept the Costa Rica Currency, it is always advisable to change something at the finish. Most restaurants accept credit cards.

The most commonly used are Mastercard,Visa and American Express.

There is a black market in San Jose, where you get a little more to the U.S. dollar, but the difference is minimal and the risk of fraud and counterfeit notes are very high, so it is not recommended.

Get Costa Rica Currency with your credit card is possible at some banks or ATMs in the city of San Jose. It is easier with Visa or Master Card. You can also do this in some provincial capitals, but we recommend it easier to do in San Jose.