Playa Palo Seco

Playa Palo Seco Tranquility on Pacific

Playa Palo Ceco

Playa Palo Ceco

Playa Palo Seco  is located in the Central Pacific Area of Costa Rica, just 4 miles from the center Parrita down town, and just 1:40 of San Jose.

Beach hotels palo seco

On this Costa Rica beach there are only found three Hotels.
The Timarai Bamboo Resort has a unique architecture and also and excellent restaurant.
Palo Seco a Costa Rica beach with two main tourist destinations nearby Jaco Beach and Quepos,  find Playa Palo Ceco, a place still preserved the peace, privacy and authenticity of yesteryear, where even today you can enjoy a walk alone with no one around, surfing, or enjoy a stroll through the deserted beach.

Playa Palo Seco is a great place to get lost, charge with family and friends or just relax and enjoy nature.
This is the area where the river empties into the Pacific coast Parrita, feeding the lush mangroves navigable waters of natural beauty, which form an ecosystem that is worth seeing.
Playa Palo Seco is ideal for enjoying a boat ride, go Sport fishing or crafts, boating, or simply enjoy a natural gift for your eyes, in a haven of peace.