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Facts About Costa Rica | Costa Rica Culture Facts


Interesting Facts

Short history  facts about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the only country in America whose name imposed by Columbus has endured to this day (in all other names are conserved regions or cities, but as a country like ours).
During the colonial period, Costa Rica was certainly the poorest part of the Spanish Empire.

During pre-Columbian, Costa Rica was not a single government entity, but split into several mini-kingdoms, some independents, and other federal agencies.

It is not known if all the territory of modern Costa Rica had a denominative (possibly it was not) at a time, though in different languages that it could have called the land of stone balls to areas of granite and basalt were distinctive.

Today, no one knows why these stone were made for.

Unfortunately, before they could be studied by modern archaeology, almost all were removed from their homes as a decoration, so the loss of valuable information that could have cleared up the mystery.

We know, however, that its almost perfect sphericity was achieved with templates like a crescent, with which the sculptors to perfect the shape of each stone.

The colonial era is one of the least known for Costa Ricans.

However, the basis of idiosyncratic policy was forged at the time: was there when he appeared as typical expressions of Gallo pinto, the typical rhythms, traditions, such as pilgrimages and the cult of the Virgin of the Angels, was born almost all the country’s largest cities, and many of the social customs and interpersonal exchange (good and bad).

Costa Rica has always been a relatively unpopulated.

During colonial times it is believed that its population never exceeded 60,000.

The population was so low forever, that during the cholera epidemic that was presented at the National Campaign of 1856, died about ten thousand people, which is still an outrageous amount, but the country was a terrible blow to the ten thousand deaths accounted for 10% of the population.


Fun facts about Costa Rica

1 -Costa Rica was the second country with street lighting. As a foreigner  living in Costa Rica and while he was installing  electricity in his house,he  have some cable left over and decided to place on the street.

2 – Costa Rica is the second country where more beer is consumed, behind Germany which is in the first position.

3 – Costa Rica is one of the countries where soccer is played more. 25% enjoys riding running after a ball. This is according to the population.

4 – Costa Rica is among the countries where they send more text messages by cell phone.yet   some complain of I.C.E.  who provide the services.

5 – The antivenom was invented in Costa Rica by Clodomiro chopped.

Currently there is an institute that bears his name and serum exported to all over the world. As seen in the picture above, in Costa Rica 2000 colones bill has your face printed.

6 – The anthem of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful.

7 – Costa Rica has no army since 1948.

8-Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world according to a study 99% of the world population.


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