Canyoning Costa Rica tours

canyoning , as it is also called canyoneering, This is a new and exciting sports in the world. Composed with recall waterfall climbing, river tracing, hiking, Enjoy Costa Rica like never before! Have you always wanted to swing through the jungle like Tarzan? You can register in our tours!

Our tours combine ziplines, Tarzan swings and Canyoning lines reminder to keep the adventure going! See our combined tours in the Jaco area, we have the best guides and operators in the region.

CostaRica Rain forest Tram

Rainforest Tram – Canopy

Here in the Rainforest Tram the many species of plants and animals are still unknown and undiscovered by men. Tucked away in this strange world of incredible biodiversity and extraordinary beauty intact.

The cable car of the rainforest is the only place in the world where visitors can fly over the jungle canopy and ecological communities will be more complex life on Earth. The fascinating air travel allows you to experience life as in the hanging gardens of exotic nature.

During a 90-minute ride in a gondola that borders the forest in silence flying over the , a naturalist guide tell visitors about ecology and what to preserve the forest is so important to our future.




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White Water Rafting Naranjo River

White Water Rafting Naranjo River

Enjoy this Costa Rica White Water Rafting adventure at Naranjo River wild and ever-changing Naranjo River Rafting challenge is recommended for adventure lovers physically fit and experienced rafters who are familiar with Class III and IV rapids.

In this high-octane, ¾ day adventure, the trip begins when the Naranjo River drops steeply into the mountains of Costa Rica and charges though pristine jungle gorges, then winds around rocky curves to take you on a wild and adventurous journey to the waters of sea level While your internationally trained, bilingual guides and safety kayak will work with you to navigate this exciting river, pass by (rapidly) stunning farmland, the working cattle ranches, and beautiful African palm plantations.

Unlike the Savegre River Adventure, the Naranjo River Rafting Trip packs all its shots in a 7 mile turn keeps your adrenaline level high for several hours. The water can rise rapidly on this Costa Rican river treasure, especially during the rainy season (May to October), which definitely brings the difficulty level for any experienced rafters. After a journey of adrenaline kicks, enjoy local snacks and refreshments before returning to reality.




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Jaco Crocodile Tour Show


Jaco Crocodile Tour Show

Come and enjoy an incredible adventure just 30 minutes from Jaco. This boat trip takes place in the river Tárcoles … home to one of the world’s largest populations of crocodiles! Encounters with crocodiles measuring up to 16 feet are not uncommon.

The boat ride takes two hours and is recommended to wear light cotton clothing, shoes or sports sandals and a hat.

Bring binoculars, cameras and film and sunscreen is also recommended.

Durations 2 hours, round trip transportation, two-hour boat adventure and complimentary drinks and snacks.



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Mangrove Tour

Mangrove Tour

This is a fabulous trip for those interested in the biodiversity of our local ecosystems and wildlife. Ride in a covered boat tour or choose your own kayak paddling through mangrove channels Damas peaceful surroundings.

Once on board, you will enter the estuarine system, where your professional guide to describe a variety of biological relationships between some of the exotic organisms that exist in this delicate habitat endangered.

Very often, the monkey is part of the ship to experience closely with thinly veiled Whiteface monkeys. It is also likely to see many species of animals are rarely found outside of this protected area.
This tour lasts approximately 4 hours and includes transportation, bilingual guide, drinks and a typical lunch or dinner. Tour outputs operate according to high tides.


Segway Tours

Costa Rica Jaco Segway Tours

Segway Tours is located in the center of Jaco, where our hotel in Jaco.

They will teach you how to stand and mount the new 2012 Segway and examine all aspects of security. Professional guides mounted as an expert in 10 minutes. The tour lasts two hours and showed him around the city and the beaches of Jaco, where waves glide a few feet. You will find spectacular views and guide the sights as well as some of the best and most popular restaurants and bars in Jaco.